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MSHAA State Football Chamionships Today and Tomorrow

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 03 Dec 2010 09:39am | comments
12 teams - 6 Winners in this week's High School Football State Title Games

Hundreds of high school athletes and their coaches will converge on Veteran's Stadium in Jackson , for the 2010 Mississippi High School Activities Association's State Football Championships. MPB's Patty Davis spoke to several Senior players as they prepare for the biggest game of their young careers.

Twelve teams will take the field today and tomorrow, vying for Six Championship trophies and bragging rights that will stay with each player for a lifetime. Durant faces Mount Olive In the Class 1A game today, followed by the 2A and 6A match ups. Calhoun City Quarter back DeMaurice Howard is looking at a tough game against Lumberton in 2A.

It means a lot you know. My senior year, coming back to play in Jackson. Not too many teams get to come play here. Two good teams playing against each other, so I'm asking everyone to come out and support us.

In 6A, So Panola Seniors Kendrick Market and Taylor Rotenberry return to defend their title in a big rematch game.

Market:: We play Meridian. So we get our chance to get them back.
Rotenberry: Oh It means allot. It's my Senior year, so we've got to go out with a win. That's the way I want to end my Senior year.

All the games will air live on MPB TV including Saturday's 3A match up between Aberdeen and Forest. ...The 4A title will go to either Lafayette or North Pike. Jaguars QB - Revis Butler.

Butler: This is a great experience for us, it's our first year making it this far in the playoffs. It's going to be a great feat for our team and our program.

Closing out play on Saturday will be the 5A battle between Brookhaven and West Point. It's been a long hard season, and Brookhaven Quarterback DeWone Harris is the first to give credit to his team, and his community.

Harris:It took allot of preparation to get here. Got to have character, keep, you know, keep playing, keep pushing. It took everything we had, you know. And now we're here. It's like a
dream come true.

First game kick off is 11am today at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium



12 teams - 6 Winners in this week's High School Football State Title Games



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