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MPB Series: Governor’s Candidates Race To The Primary, Dave Dennis

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 18 Jul 2011 04:43pm | comments
Republican Dave Dennis meets with a voter.

The primary election in Mississippi is two weeks from today and candidates for state wide offices face a grinding schedule before the first ballot is cast. In a series of reports, MPB news will examine the campaigns of the top gubernatorial candidates. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports from the campaign of Republican Gubernatorial candidate Dave Dennis.

A church employee in Jackson sets tables for a meeting of a Kiwanis Club, where Republican Gubernatorial candidate Dave Dennis is the lunch time speaker.

For Dennis, like other state wide candidates, this stop is just one of many leading up to the primary election two weeks from today....During the speech, he pitches his businessman background as a key selling point.

"We make payroll every week just like anybody else. Just like any law firm, any clinic, anything. Construction, we happen to be in, but people have to understand that government is business. No matter how you slice it, that is what it is," Dennis said.

After Dennis' short speech to the Kiwanis Club, he talks one-on-one with roughly two dozen voters.

Mike Massey is a Republican Primary voter who says these types of meetings are key to him getting a feel for a candidate's character.

"We all hear the political ads, the little sound bytes. But I don't think you get a good impression of who the man is based on what you see in a TV ad. So opportunities like this, in civic clubs where these guys can relax a little bit are much better indicators of who we are voting for," Massey said.

From the Kiwanis Club, Dennis heads directly into the studio for a media interview about his campaign for Governor.

Dennis says he routinely makes 4 to 6 campaign stops, working 12-to 18 hours a day but considers it necessary to build his name recognition among the relatively small number of primary voters that will cast ballots.

"Name recognition clearly is one of the main keys and one of the significant keys in terms of a Republican primary. Typically there are only 200-thousand to 210-thousand people that vote in a Republican primary in the state of Mississippi," Dennis said.

Before the end of the day Dennis traveled to Marion for an evening meeting with voters....and started again early today with a breakfast meet and greet in Meridian at 7 this morning.


Republican Dave Dennis meets with a voter.





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