As the August 2 primary election approaches, MPB  will examine the campaigns of  the top gubernatorial candidates. This report features Democrat Bill Luckett.

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MPB Series: Governor’s Candidates Race To The Primary, Bill Luckett

By Daniel Cherry | Published 20 Jul 2011 06:40pm | comments

In less than two weeks Mississippi voters will choose their candidates in the statewide primaries. In a series of reports MPB news is examining the campaigns of top gubernatorial candidates. MPB's Daniel Cherry met up with Democratic candidate Bill Luckett for a campaign stop in Jackson.

Bill Luckett is at the General Missionary Baptist State Convention in Jackson. Nearly a thousand people will attend, and Luckett is camped out at the only entrance. He gets a few hundred hand shakes in before the event.

"The surprise is how many people recognize me because I'm pretty much an unknown. I've never run for office before. My name I.D. is up in the 40% bracket right now, and I haven't really done any paid media like television."

Luckett says his plan is to get his face out there to voters. He's been to more than 60 counties in the state. Luckett says he's sticking to his guns. He says he's a proven developer and wants to use that experience to rebuild parts of Mississippi.

"I've seen some beautiful downtowns and some great development work around the state, but there are a lot of forgotten cities in this state that could use revitalization and renewed interest in tourism and their culture. That's what I've been all about in Clarksdale, and I'm trying to get there further."

Spending15 hours on the campaign trail and making several stops each day is a regular occurrence for Luckett. Booker Robinson of Jackson says Luckett already came to speak at his church. He says the congregation liked Luckett's plan for helping young Mississippians.

"We just want him to keep that on the front burner. Make this the main priority...the youth of Mississippi...because a lot are uneducated and the unemployment. He has a good foundation, a good campaign. We're kind of pleased with him."

Luckett opened the world famous Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale with actor Morgan Freeman. He says if he's elected governor one of his goals is to boost tourism in Mississippi.




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