Service men and women from Mississippi are stationed all over the globe, and more troops from the Mississippi National Guard are heading out for their next deployment.

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More From the Miss. National Guard Heading Overseas

By Daniel Cherry | Published 10 Oct 2011 07:00pm | comments

More members of the Mississippi National Guard are being deployed overseas. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how Mississippi troops will be managing finances for troops on the ground in Kosovo.

The 230th Financial Management Detachment will soon be on their way to Kosovo in the Balkans. Michael Anderson is the Commander of the detachment. He says handling finances for the troops is an important job.

"We try to make sure that the families are well taken care of. We provide any financial support that they may need. Anytime that the soldiers and their families are in harm's way, if the families need any type financial support, we try to make sure that all the soldiers receive the benefits they deserve."

The 10 soldiers from the Mississippi National Guard are going for one year. Staff Sergeant Everett Smith says even with troops drawbacks in other parts of the world, he's not surprised to be called up again.

"I've been in 12 years now. I've gotten to be more knowledgeable of how things may work a little bit. I'm proud to be going to serve my country. If they need me to go anywhere, I'm here."

Since Kosovo is currently not at war troops there are primarily performing a peace keeping mission.




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