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MORA Looks To Increase Organ Donation in Miss.

By Paul Boger | Published 24 Sep 2013 09:08am | comments

There are more than 1,200 Mississippians currently on the waiting list for organ transplants. That's according to the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency, and that agency is doing more to raise awareness of the need for organ donors around the state.

 Jackson resident Cynthia Campbell lost her daughter several years ago. When she died, Campbell saw the donation of her daughter's organs as a way to make something good out of a difficult situation.

 "People always helped me out during my life with my children." said Campbell "I always wanted to give something back. I didn't know it was going to be my daughter, but that was the most precious gift I could ever give anyone. Because I know it wasn't something that was going to sit on a shelf; it was something they could really use."

 In 2013, the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency -- or MORA -- received  more than 150 organs from 49 donors across the state.

 In an effort to raise awareness for the need of organ donors in Mississippi, the organization will be on four college campuses during football games encouraging Mississippians to become organ donors. Chuck Stinson is with MORA.

 "We'll be at football games and on campus." said Stinson. "We have student organizations that are going to be helping us on each campus that'll be creating awareness, that'll be registering people, that'll be passing out cards that have QR codes on them that people can go straight to our website and register."

 Connie Earl Dixon Sr. is a volunteer working with MORA. He received a new kidney two years ago.

 "God has given us a gift' and that's called transplant." said Dixon. "Anyone that could possible participate in such a thing would be totally blessed, because you are giving life to a person. Then it affects their family, and many families down the line. Simply by that person healthy enough to maneuver through life."

 Of the 1,200 Mississippians in need of organ transplants, 1,100 of them are waiting for kidneys.




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