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Mississippi’s Six Electoral Votes Go To Romney/Ryan

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 17 Dec 2012 04:55pm | comments
Mississippi electors.

Mississippi's 6 electoral college votes have now been cast for the GOP ticket. Its been more than a month since the presidential election,  and as M-P-B's Jeffrey Hess reports, some are calling for an end to the electoral college system.

Secretary of state Delbert Hoseman counts out Mississippi's six electoral college votes at a voting ceremony in Jackson yesterday.

All six electors were were nominated by the state Republican party and all six cast their electoral votes for the Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

The GOP ticket lost the election but carried Mississippi.

Jan Hillegas, a green-party elector is upset that all the votes go to Mitt Romney.

"The direct vote is obviously the way people vote. And to have a state barrier in the way is not the right way to go. Clearly the six white men who are voting today do not reflect the whole state of Mississippi," Hillegas said.

Hillegis argues a direct popular election would be better for the country as a whole.

Republican Elector William Mounger says the electoral college actually benefits smaller states like Mississippi because it takes fewer votes to equal one electoral college vote.

"We would be crazy in Mississippi rather Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, whatever to give that up. We are more powerful in Mississippi through the electoral college than we would ever be on the popular vote," Mounger said.

It takes roughly 370-thousand votes in Mississippi to equal one electoral vote, giving the state the 21st highest voting power.

Secretary of state Delbert Hosemann, who supports the electoral college, says a national popular vote for president could require voting regulations to be standardized nationally.

"The people of the state of Mississippi through the legislature have devised their voting system the way they believe it should be. I am not for changing ours to be the same as Ohio's California's or anywhere else's," Hosemann said.

No matter which party selects them, Mississippi's electors are not bound by law to support their party's candidate or the candidate that won the majority of Mississippi votes.


UPDATE: Jan Hilegas' name has been corrected from the orginal. Also she replied with a more complete explaination of the Green Party platform: "Unlike the current winner-take-all Electoral College system, having all the votes count -- as in all other elections -- would directly reflect the wishes of U.S. voters.The Green Party of the US Platform calls for abolishing the Electoral College and providing for the direct national election of the president by Instant Runoff Voting."


Mississippi electors.



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