The rate of divorces are up in the South and Mississippi's rate is among the highest in the nation.

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Mississippi’s Divorce Rate Among the Highest in the Nation

By Daniel Cherry | Published 26 Aug 2011 06:58pm | comments
Rachel Jarman, soon to be married to Chris Myers, shows off her engagement ring

A recent report by the U.S. Census Bureau says divorce rates are highest in the South, and Mississippi is near the top of that list. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports on why so many in the Magnolia state are untying the knot.


Mississippi has the sixth highest divorce rate for women, and the 11th highest among men.

"I got married right out of college, and I think we were too young."

That's Chris Myers from Jackson. He says many young couples feel pressure to get married at an early age.

"In Mississippi it tends to happen a lot. For some people it works, some people it doesn't. For us it didn't work."

Now Myers is engaged, and getting ready to marry again in April. He says he certainly learned some lessons from his first marriage.

"I feel like a lot of people look at marriage as the next step in a relationship, and I don't think it ever should be. I think it's a very important decision that should be made between two people who really want to be together and really want to experience life with each other."

Myers says he's been patient, and he's sure his fiancee, Rachel Jarman, is the one. Jarman moved to Mississippi from Connecticut, and after three years of dating Chris, she's not planning on going back.

"When I was young, 21, I fell in love. I didn't expect it, but sometimes you can't really plan those things, but we did wait a few years to see if it was going to work out's working!"

With many children growing up around divorced parents, and the constant whirlwind of celebrities splitting up, much of the stigma surrounding divorce has evaporated. Susan Morgan is a licensed relationship counselor. She says many people carry lofty ideas into a marriage they really hadn't thought through.

"The type of idea that getting married will solve my problems and make my life happy now, of course, it doesn't solve anyone's problems. It compounds whatever problems are already there. So I think the expectations are off base."

Earlier age of marriage, more financial freedom for women, and less education have all been cited as contributing factors to the high divorce rate.


Rachel Jarman, soon to be married to Chris Myers, shows off her engagement ring



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