Mississippi Emergency Management officials are warning residents to gear up for Fall tornado season.

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Mississippians Urged to Prepare for Fall Tornado Season

By Daniel Cherry | Published 27 Oct 2011 06:58pm | comments
An empty lot where a building once stood at Malaco Records

Most of the time when Mississippians think of tornadoes, they think of Spring, but that's not always the case. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how weather watchers say Fall comes in a very close second for severe weather.

In Mississippi, November has the second highest average number of tornadoes annually. Steve Wilkinson, a Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Jackson, says Fall makes the perfect conditions for tornadoes because of cold fronts coming down from Canada and a warm bed of air rising up from the Gulf.

"Turn that wind from the South, you've got moisture and you've got warmth and you get the building blocks for a thunderstorm outbreak. Throw some jet-stream energy into it and all that together creates the tornadoes."

"This is what we called our middle building. This building was totally demlished by the tornado."

Tommy Couch Jr. is a Director at Malaco Records in Jackson. They took a direct hit from a tornado last Spring.

"We kind of get immune to them in Mississippi because we hear about them all the time. The sirens are going off all the time so you kind of think,'Well it's just another one.'"

Just last April a tornado outbreak devastated the state, killing dozens. Emergency management officials are hoping this season residents pay more attention to watches and warnings. Couch says he has a new respect for tornadoes. They're even building back stronger to make sure his business is safer in the future.

"The vault is going to be a safe room, which several employees rode out the storm in. We will build another concrete wall, steel enforced safe room, which will be the lounge in the new building."

Mississippi already has seen 94 tornadoes this year...only 14 shy of the record.


An empty lot where a building once stood at Malaco Records



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