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Mississippians Urged to Keep Working Toward King’s Dream

By Paul Boger | Published 20 Jan 2014 08:30am | comments
Mississippians are among the millions honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior today. MPB's Paul Boger reports residents are being urged to continue the work Dr. King started over fifty years ago.
Hundreds of students, teachers and civic leaders filled the auditorium of Jackson State University on Friday, to honor the memory and work of one of this nation's greatest civil rights leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  
As part of the school's 45th annual Dr. King Convocation, keynote speaker and civil right's activist Charlayne Hunter-Gault urged listeners to keep working so that they may one day achieve Dr. King's goal.
"Today, to be sure there is still a gap between the promise of our ideals and reality." said Hunter-Gault. "The efforts of the giants on whose shoulders Obama and I stand narrowed those gaps once and their inspiration can once again.
Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba was also among the attendees. He says Hunter-Gaults remarks were useful in reminding Mississippians that King's Dream has not been fully realized. 
"She not only reminded us of a lot that has happened, but focused us on a way forward." said Lumumba. "Especially, as she referred us to committing our selves to elimination the vestiges of racism and oppression that still besiege people."
J-S-U's Student Body President Charles Cathey says he has found inspiration in Dr. Kings work.
"It truly inspires me to want to work hard to strive for things my ancestors didn't have, and  to truly want to make my generation and make this world a better place then I left it." said Cathey. "I really believe that was in vision of Dr. Martin Luther King as well as other activist that fought so hard during that time period. I am truly humbled."
Martin Luther King Day is also known as known as the National Day of Service. A chance for Americans to answer Dr. King's call to improve their world and their communities through public service.




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