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Mississippians React to Debt Ceiling Talks

By Daniel Cherry | Published 14 Jul 2011 05:22pm | comments

Negotiations over raising the debt limit are in full swing at our nation's capital, and tensions are rising between lawmakers. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how some Mississippians are responding to the hot-button debt ceiling issue.

Members of the Mississippi Tea Party came to U.S. Representative Greg Harper's office in Pearl to protest any attempts of raising the national debt limit.

In a statement Harper said he supports a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, but he doesn't rule out raising the debt ceiling. Roy Nicholson is the Chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party. He has this warning for Mississippi politicians.

"Look out. The Mississippi Tea Party is on them. We will not settle. We will not rest until this country is rescued and restored back to the principles that made it great. If they don't fight for us, we'll replace them."

Across the nation Tea party groups visited their local congressional offices yesterday speaking out against increases to the nation's 14 point 3 trillion dollar debt limit. U.S. Representative Alan Nunnelee says he would consider raising the limit only if there are changes to spending and includes the balanced budget amendment.

"I think the American people are frustrated at a Congress that continues in the past to charge and charge with no thought of tomorrow. Just like a family can't go out and get a new credit card to pay off the old credit card, we've got to have a serious plan."

The Obama administration says Congress has until August 2nd to raise the limit or the government will default on obligations. U.S. Representative Benny Thompson says he's not giving in to pressure to attach items to the debt deal.

"I voted for a clear debt ceiling. If it comes up again I'll vote to raise it, but I'm not going to attach it to anything."

Moody Investors Service recently put the U.S. under review. The nation could lose it's triple A rating for the first time since 1917 if the government defaults.




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