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Mississippians Pack McDonalds looking for Work

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 19 Apr 2011 09:50am | comments
Manager Francis King (right) interviews a potential new hire for her McDonalds.

Hundreds of Mississippi workers walked into the golden arches looking for more than a burger and a coke. With Mississippi unemployment over 10-percent, MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that they were looking for one of 50-thousand jobs McDonalds is hoping to fill nationwide.

All the tables and chairs are full at a McDonalds in Jackson, but few people are eating. Instead, they are filling out applications hoping to find work.

21-year old Carl Walker waits for an interview with the manager...he has not been able to find work in almost two years.

"I went job searching, kept job searching and I couldn't find a job. It is stil hard and I am still looking and I hope I can make a change today," Walker said.

40-year old Michael Williams says he worked for McDonalds when he was younger, but since his work as a landscaper dried up, he needs some extra cash.

"I want to several places. Restaurants. Popeyes. Red Lobster and all that. But everybody really had a freeze on hiring. But McDonalds really had a good thing going on so I am hoping I can get back in and be one of the team members again," Williams said.

The company is conducting interviews on the spot, attempting to hire 50-thousand people for all positions from working the line to salaried management.

Store Manager Francis King interviews applicant after applicant sifting for the best option. King says she started as a crew member 11 years ago and worked her way up to manager.

"It's great. It is. To see so many people interested and looking for employment," King said.

At another Jackson area McDonalds, an employee hands out numbered slips of paper to keep all the applicants in order. Leo Caillier is the director of operations for 22 stores in the Jackson area.

"At least a couple hundred people we expect to hire today. That would be a good start but we are not going to pass up on anyone that has the potential to be a great employee for us," Caillier said.

There are more than 130 McDonald's restaurants across Mississippi, which could mean new work opportunities for hundreds of Mississippians looking for a job. 


Manager Francis King (right) interviews a potential new hire for her McDonalds.



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