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Mississippians Honor Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 21 Dec 2012 03:27pm | comments
a ceremoney at St. Andrews

Across the state Mississippians are taking time today to remember the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports many churches held special noon services in honor of the week anniversary of the deadly massacre.

At St. Andrews Cathedral in downtown Jackson, worshipers sing and pray in honor of the Sandy hook victims and their families.

Father Edward O'Connor says these ceremonies can help provide peace through a difficult situation.

"Do we go with our gut reaction which is usually our worst? Fear, angry cynicism, hate? Or do we talk about and live into reconcliation and forgiveness? Because that is the way that is going to lead us through this," Edwards said.

A number of Jackson area churches held similar ceremonies.

Johnnie Hawkins of Jackson says she felt compelled by God to join the service and pray for the families affected by the shooting rampage.

"I think that really we need more of this kind of healing for our country regardless of we whether there has been a tragedy or not. So I really wanted to be a part of that," Hawkins said.

This morning Mississippians held a moment of silence at the time of the shooting and state and national flags remain at half staff.


a ceremoney at St. Andrews



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