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Mississippians Can Submit Restoration Ideas Online

By Evelina Burnett | Published 18 Oct 2013 06:00am | comments

Billions of dollars will soon be spent on projects to restore the Gulf Coast from damages caused by the BP oil spill. Got an idea? Mississippi officials want to hear from you.

Funding to restore the coast environment will come from an array of sources -- including fines paid by the companies involved as well as natural resource damage assessments. How much money will be available is still unknown. But Mississippi is already working on restoration ideas and wants to hear the public's thoughts too.

"What are your ideas for improving our marine habitat, marsh restoration, beach nourishment restoration, ecotourism, seafood marketing -- just a continuation of the tremendous support and ideas that we've been receiving over the past two years," says Trudy Fisher, director of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

MDEQ has launched a website where Mississippians can submit restoration ideas. Fisher says her staff will look at and analyze the submissions.

"And then begin a dialogue, continuing our discussions with local leaders should work together ," she explains. "Ultimately we'll use this to make decisions on what is funded and how it's funded."

The website to submit ideas is You can also receive updates by text message on your phone -- just text the word “RESTORE” to 601-863-8082.




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