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Mississippians Are Coming Together for Philippines Relief

By Paul Boger | Published 13 Nov 2013 10:18am | comments
As the death toll from last week's typhoon in the Philippines climbs, Mississippians are coming together to donate money, food, and other perishables to those in need. MPB's Paul Boger reports.
Gregorio Begonia is a professor at Jackson State University, but he's originally from the Philippines. While his family is does not live on the island that recieved the most damage, a lot of his families crops were destroyed.
"They planted rice in August." said Begonia. "Normally, this is the time of year they're supposed to harvest the rice. So, basically, what we are seeing on tv are the metropolitan areas. They haven't shown those agricultural areas, and if they got a storm surge, and flattened those fields and their ripe for harvest, then they can't harvest anything."
As relief efforts begin, Mississippians are stepping up to help. Sandra Hodge is the with the Mississippi chapter of the Red Cross. 
"The Mississippi community is so generous, and so heart-warming to those who are in need." said Hodge. "We have seen an out-pouring of calls, emails as well as donations for the Filipino community, and to help with the efforts as well. We've seen some offerings as well 'how do we help, how do we go over, how do we go to help the community."
Maria Begonia -- Gregorio's wife -- said she along with others in the Filipino community in Mississippi will stick together and support one another during this difficult time.
"There are many Filipinos who live here." said Begonia. "We are planning, all of us, to get together and do something, because many of them whom we know that live here come from that island."
In addition to providing aid to those impacted by the storm, the Red Cross has also set-up a network to help families reconnect with loved-ones by instituting a family tracing service available online.




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