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Mississippi Voter Registration Busy as Oct. 6 Deadline Nears

By Rhonda Miller | Published 28 Sep 2012 09:06pm | comments
Hundreds of residents are pouring in to the Jackson County Circuit Clerk's office to register to vote or get absentee ballots.

This is final week for Mississippians to register to vote in the Nov. 6 general election. MPB’s Rhonda Miller reports absentee voting has already begun  across the state.

"If you’ll please write your name, your current mailing address, and the reason that you’re voting absentee, and hang on to it, and as soon as someone comes available, we’ll get to you."

Deputy Clerk BJ McCreary was passing out forms to residents pouring in to the Jackson County Circuit Clerk’s office Friday.  

"OK, I’ll have to register you in the computer right now, and then we’ll get your absentee stuff, and you can go ahead and do it while you’re here today…if you’ll give me just a second, OK?

Lines of voters included senior citizens, shipyard workers and college students. Ninteen-year-old Jessica Brouckaert came with a friend.

"I came home for the homecoming football game to see my family. I go to Ole Miss, so I figured I’d just absentee vote while I was here."

Jackson County Circuit Clerk Joe Martin waves his arms over boxes of voter registration forms.

"All of these have been put into the system. I'm talking about one, two, three, four, this, and all of this right here, so, literally, we’re getting hundreds of them in at a time."

In addition to getting absentee ballots, many voters are registering a change of address.

"People are picking them up. People are asking for them to be mailed to them.  The problem is we’re running out of time. The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 6, which is next Saturday. "

At the Harrison County Circuit Clerk’s office a few days ago, it was also a steady stream of requests for voter registration forms and absentee ballots.

"Complete this form. We'll make sure that  you don't have any problems on Election Day."

Deputy Circuit Clerk Connie Ladner says the presidential race is stirring up voters.

"We have been very busy. We’ve registered over 2,400 people, just within a two-month period."

Shawn Dillard is from Gulfport, but says she will be way out of town on Election Day.

"I’m going to Ghana, West Africa. I’m leaving Saturday for a year, and so I’m voting absentee today."

Saturday, Oct. 6 is the deadline to register to vote. Voters across Mississippi can register at their county circuit clerk’s office or download an application from the Secretary of State’s website. 

Rhonda Miller. MPB News. Biloxi.


Note: For voter registration information and forms go to or call 800-829-6786,




Hundreds of residents are pouring in to the Jackson County Circuit Clerk's office to register to vote or get absentee ballots.



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