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Mississippi Volunteers Earn GIVE Award: Sister Mary Trinita Eddington

By Daniel Cherry | Published 11 Apr 2011 11:53am | comments

Mississippi is honoring several of its most notable volunteers this week for making remarkable contributions to their communities. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports on some receiving awards.

The Governor's Initiative for Volunteer Excellence or GIVE notices those who offer their services and ask for nothing in return. The highest honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service goes to Sister Mary Trinita Eddington of Jackson.

"Presently I'm running a free clinic for the poor down on Capitol Street. We see about 35 patients a day. These are people with no insurance. They're homeless, they're unemployed, and they're the working poor."

Sister Eddington has worked as a nurse in Jackson since 1957, and she is the administrator of St. Dominic Community Health Clinic.

"There's such fulfillment in helping God's chosen ones that have been deprived. It's kind of continuing the ministry of Jesus Christ when he was here on earth, but bringing in the poor, the forgotten and the forsaken...there's such a fulfillment that you receive yourself."

Sister Eddington says the clinic will celebrate its 15th anniversary in November. She is one of ten people and four organizations being recognized. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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