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Mississippi Volunteers Earn GIVE Award: Cathy Johnson

By Daniel Cherry | Published 11 Apr 2011 01:21pm | comments

Some of Mississippi's most notable volunteers are being recognized this week for exceptional contributions to their communities. MPB's Daniel Cherry has more on some of those receiving awards.

Cathy Johnson is one of those being recognized by GIVE...the Governor's Initiative for Volunteer Excellence. The awards honor ordinary citizens who impact those around them through remarkable volunteer efforts.

"I am a teacher at the Hinds County Detention Center. I teach GED skills and basic skills to inmates and I have for 15 years. "

Johnson uses her own money to buy books and supplies and she often has to restock.

"It's wonderful...wonderful. Not many teachers have a student begging for homework, begging for books. Mine do. My materials disappear. People can inspire them to give up this life of crime and go on and get an education to become useful citizens. That's the basic goal."

Johnson is one of ten individuals and four organizations being honored with a GIVE award. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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