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Mississippi Town Bans Baggy Pants

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 08 Jul 2011 04:14pm | comments
Gloster Alderman Albert Fields

A southwest Mississippi town is preparing to institute a ban on baggy pants. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that alderman for the town of Gloster passed a saggy pants ban following numerous complaints from residents about the fashion trend.

At the town hall in Gloster, residents pour over schematic drawings and pay tickets and fines.

Alderman Albert Fields says they approved the baggy pants ban following many complaints and out of a desire to improve the atmosphere of the town.

"What you do at home i sup to you. But when you get out in public and you walk around with your clothes half off, I think the police certainly have the right to tell you 'young man, pull your pants up'," Fields said.

The ordinance levels up to a 100 dollar fine on someone who wears their pants at least three inches below the top of hips and reveals skin or underwear.

The Gloster police chief says his officers will begin enforcing the ordinance when it takes effect in early August.

An empty lot two blocks from city hall is the site of a weekly farmers market where Gloster residents shop for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vender Luella Seeden echoes the feeling of a number of town residents....the ban is appropriate because she says she finds the baggy pants look offensive.

"One thing, I will be afraid that the pants will fall completely off. And it just doesn't look natural. That's why I feel like if you are going to be in the public, you should be decent," Seeden said.

Town officials cite state laws against lewd behavior as the basis for the law...which they believe is perfectly legal.

Gloster resident Jay Boo runs a weed whacker along the side of a residential street....Boo feels that ordinance is unfair and won't change how people dress.

"I don't think it is a good idea, because like I say, you could be working and you get sweaty and your pants could be falling like they are now. And it just ain't a good idea," Boo said.

Boo says if the town is so determined to eliminate baggy pants, then town officials should offer to buy new clothes for residents, instead of leveling fines.

Gloster is not the first Mississippi town to institute a baggy pants ban, and town officials say they have already had calls from other Mississippi cities who want to copy the ordinance.





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