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Mississippi Teachers Acknowledged for their Focus on Economic Education

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 01 Nov 2011 05:16pm | comments
Charlie Johnson.

A group of business and political leaders is honoring Mississippi teachers for their work teaching economic education to their students. MPB Jeffrey Hess reports that greater economic literacy can help improve the state's economy.

A group of elementary, Middle and High school teachers is being acknowledged for their lesson plans that focus on economic issues.

The Mississippi Council on Economic Education handed out the awards during their yearly ceremony in Jackson yesterday.

Christie Walker is a high school teacher at German Town High School in Gluckstadt, who received an award for her lesson plan teaching students about the connection between school drop out rates and unemployment.

Walker says many of her students lack the basic financial literacy skills they need to succeed in the modern economy.

"And so I think parents need to open up and be more realistic about how much things cost and how much gets taken out of their pay check. To teach their kids how to budget. I am a huge financial literacy person because I tie it into, if you do ever lose your job how are you going to be prepared?" Walker said.

The council on economic education has trained more than 8-thousand Mississippi teachers in financial education skills since its inception 8 years ago.

The skills they teach help students like 13-year old Quitman County Middle School student Charlie Johnson, who used the program to save nearly 15-hundred dollars to put toward college.

"If you just take your time and save your money it will expand over time. Saving money is really good and you don't really need to give money you can earn it like I had to because I come from a single parent household," Johnson said.

Johnson says he is proud of his savings and plans to continuing adding to his account as he works towards college.


Charlie Johnson.



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