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Mississippi Senior Citizens Learning How to Weather Next Storm

By Daniel Cherry | Published 26 Jul 2011 06:23pm | comments

Victims of a natural disasters can often find out very quickly they're unprepared for the worst. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how disaster relief organizations are teaching residents how to be ready when disaster strikes.

Between floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes, Mississippi is an active place for natural disasters. Paheadra Robinson is the director of consumer protection for the Mississippi Center for Justice. She says already this year people have been trying to take advantage of victims.

"Like unlicensed contractors and people who do identity theft after a disaster has hit. So we try to give them as much information as we can on the front end so they can make preparations and think about those things when a disaster is not upon us."

The center for justice along with other non-profits and state agencies held an expo where anyone could come to learn about protecting themselves. But their main focus is senior citizens because they're often times the most vulnerable. Lillian Owens from Jackson came to learn more.

"Get you a little kit together so you're not running around trying to find something at the last it's really helpful."

Owens came because she lives close to where a tornado ripped through North Jackson.

When natural disasters occur residents often find themselves needing something they never would have thought of beforehand. That's why Tamica Smith-Jeuitt with the Red Cross says now is the time to get prepared.

"Making sure that your important documents are away from the home. People don't think about prescriptions and medications and those sort of things. It's just a nice little check list that they can go down. Now is the time to think about it because nothing is going on."

Between the flood and spring tornadoes thousands of Mississippians have had their homes damaged or destroyed this year.




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