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Mississippi Sees Drop in Number of SIDS Deaths

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 14 Oct 2013 03:42pm | comments

Health officials say the number of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome cases in Mississippi have declined by more than half.  MPB's Lawayne Childrey reports.

SIDS is the sudden death of an infant under age one that cannot be explained after a thorough investigation including an autopsy.  In 2012, Mississippi reported 21 SIDS deaths, per 1,000 live births, compared to 43 deaths in 2011. State Health Officer Dr. Mary Currier says while there is no concrete explanation for the decline in SIDS smoking remains one of the leading causes. 

In addition to keeping infants away from smoke filled environments, Dr. Currier says they should  also be placed on their backs, in an empty crib every time they sleep.

SIDS deaths in Mississippi are above the national average and is the third leading cause of infant deaths in the state. Lawayne Childrey, MPB News.




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