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Mississippi Republicans Praise Ryan’s Grasp of Domestic and Foreign Policy Issues in Debate

By Rhonda Miller | Published 12 Oct 2012 01:27am | comments
Vice Presidential debate watching party at Harrision County Republican Headquarters in Gulfport.

"Come on now Ryan, bring it home now..."

I’m Rhonda Miller at the Harrison County Republican headquarters in Gulfport, where a small but very focused  group of debate watchers is paying close attention to the volleys tossed between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul  Ryan.

"I think the Vice President very well knows, that sometimes the words don’t come out of your mouth the right way."

Each candidate pushed to get a zinger in now and then. But Mary Bankston thinks Ryan was better armed with important details.

"Absolutely, he had his facts about taxes, particularly the Social Security program."

Barry Neyrey also thinks Ryan won on substance.

"I didn’t think Ryan knocked Biden out like I thought he would. Biden is a good debater. Lots of platitudes, lots of tugging on people's  heart strings. Lots of  empty promises. And Ryan’s plan, which is a good plan, just didn’t win out. But we still got the real Ryan, and we still got the intelligent promise of the Ryan/ Romney ticket. "

And while the debate covered important domestic and foreign policy issues, Bonnie Edwards says there was a major distraction..

"Vice President Biden was so rude. He interrupted the Congressman every single time he spoke."

Gulfport City Councilman R.Lee Flowers said Ryan was especially clear about a major concern for older citizens.

"Paul Ryan is very well -versed in Medicaid and Medicare and what the Romney plan would do to it.  He's been very poignant in saying they're not going to take away what those services would provide for those that are currenty ln system and those that are approaching the system quickly."

Those at  the Republican debate watching party think Ryan came across as thoughtful and did what he was supposed to do - explain the substance of a Romeny/Ryan ticket and keep the  momentum  going toward the second presidential debate next week.

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Vice Presidential debate watching party at Harrision County Republican Headquarters in Gulfport.



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