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Mississippi Republicans Excited By Romney’s Debate Performance

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 03 Oct 2012 11:33pm | comments
Romney supporter Dorothy Wood nervously checks her phone before the debate.

And I'm Jeffrey Hess covering a Romney debate watch party in Ridgeland, just north of Jackson.

At times cheering for the GOP candidate former Governor Mitt Romney.

And jeering the Democratic President Barack Obama.

A crowd of more than 100 excited Mississippi Republicans crowded into a restaurant to cheer on their candidate in the first presidential debate.

Many in the crowd, like Dorothy Wood, applauded what they considered a more aggressive approach from the former Massachusetts governor.

"We haven't seen the true brilliance of the man yet. We are beginning to see it now. Mitt Romney unleashed. Gloves off," said Wood.

Romney Supporter Janet Thomas was energized by Romney's debate performance saying this is the approach that can help propel him to the white house.

"Because he has to speak the truth and get the truth out to the people. So the people can finally get their eyes open and their ears unplugged to the people that have not been listening or seeing the truth," Thomas said.

Cory Wilson with the Republican Party says Romney needs to do more than attack the president.

"He has got to offer a vision for this county. And the conservative vision , as you can see tonight from this crowd, is huge. And it resonates with people.  Because people know, I think, that big government, unlimited spending, deficits and debt don't work. governor Romney's vision can, but he has got to talk about it," Wilson said.

Amidst the sea of red shirts and Romney-Ryan buttons sits Jamie Dickson, an undecided voter who says he is trying to determine which candidate will be able to handle the variety of issues a president must face.

"Because at any one moment you can be in a discussion about domestic issues and a global issue occurs. And you have got to be able to switch quickly and make wise decision in a short period of time," Dickson said.

The two candidates will debate two more times before the general election in November.


Romney supporter Dorothy Wood nervously checks her phone before the debate.



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