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Mississippi Representatives weigh in on Debt Debate

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 15 Jul 2011 08:42am | comments
Capitol Hill-AP

If the national debt ceiling isn’t raised next month, President Obama says Social Security checks could stop coming.  Wall Street says the stock market would plunge. And economists say everyone’s access to credit would dry up.  Still, some Mississippi lawmakers aren’t likely to vote for an increase in the debt limit.  From Washington, Elizabeth Wynne Johnson explains.

The President and Congress can’t come to terms on a deal that would both increase the nation’s ability to borrow money and cut government spending… in part because of the hard line positions of some lawmakers.

“I don’t want to raise the debt ceiling that is very distasteful to me. So it would be very difficult for me to vote ‘yes’ with any conditions.” 1st District Congressman Alan Nunnelee

 Many Republicans, including Congressman Steven Palazzo won’t budge on raising taxes. Many Democrats, including Congressman Bennie Thompson, oppose cuts to entitlements. Republican Gregg Harper blames President Obama for the stalemate.

 “The president, you know, has really done nothing to lead on this issue,” Harper said. The nation may default on its debt if a deal isn’t reached by August 2. The two sides will have to come to terms eventually – to make serious cuts AND raise revenue. With or without Mississippi lawmakers on board. From Capitol News Connection, I’m Elizabeth Wynne Johnson, MPB News.


Capitol Hill-AP



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