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Mississippi Marathon Runners Return from Boston

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 17 Apr 2013 05:59am | comments
The explosions that rocked the Boston Marathon are still fresh on the minds of Mississippi runners and spectators who participated in the event. 
Pam Cox of Ridgeland had just crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon when she heard explosions rang out. 
"I was actually over in the area where we had agreed to meet after the race was over, it was something I had never heard before.  It wasn't a gun, it wasn't a cannon,it could have been a gas explosion or something like that, but then it shook the ground, so we knew it was something serious," said Cox.
This was the second time in as many years that Donna Bruce of Madison has finished the prestigious race. Her husband Clark Bruce  stood along the race route cheering her on. However, Bruce says what should have ended in a moment of jubilation quickly turned into a time of sorrow.
"As the night went on for Donna and I, we just realized that we were very, very lucky.  Once you realized what had happened, all of Boston is just somber right now," says Bruce.
Brian Welch of Jackson says he was at least two blocks away from the blast sites cheering on friends. He says even though he was not physically shaken his emotions continue to run high. 
"It sort of sets in on you and it's scary," says Welch. "I have a young son and two little girls...I'm away from them and I still have to navigate these airports and get back so its an unsettling kind of feeling, really its sadness honestly." 
About 60 Mississippi residents were registered to compete in Monday's Boston Marathon. A Mississippi Department of Public Safety official said none of the Mississippi runners had reported injuries.  




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