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Mississippi Leaders Oppose National Guard Cuts

By Evelina Burnett | Published 04 May 2014 08:39pm | comments

Mississippi leaders are rallying against proposed cuts to the National Guard. 

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves has joined with 40 other lieutenant governors, across party lines, to write a letter to the president in opposition to potential cuts to the Army National Guard.

Various versions of the U.S. Army budget, currently being discussed in Washington, include cuts to the guard. Reeves says that doesn’t make sense.

Reeves says the Guard’s importance to the state was shown just last week. About 100 National Guardsman responded after tornadoes struck north Mississippi.

Governor Phil Bryant signed a similar letter, with fellow state governors, earlier this year.

Fourth District Congressman Steven Palazzo, a member of the House Armed Services committee and a National Guardsman himself, says he's in favor of freezing National Guard cuts until the Army can put together an independent commission to look at its future structure, similar to an air force commission that reported its findings earlier this year.

Mississippi has more than 12,000 Army and Air National Guardsmen. 




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