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Mississippi Law Enforcement Practices In Case of a Terrorist Attacks

By Paul Boger | Published 07 May 2014 08:30am | comments

Mississippi law enforcement agencies are learning what to do in case of a terrorist attack on a public place. As MPB's Paul Boger reports, the exercise is part of an initiative conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Fire trucks, police cars, and SWAT vehicles surrounded the south entrance of the Metrocenter Mall in Jackson, last night, as part of an exercise designed to simulate a terrorist attack at a public place. F-B-I Special Agent Daniel McMullen is in charge of the Jackson Field Office. 
"Today is part of an ongoing exercise that allows us to come together and see how we would respond if we had an active shooter or terrorist type of incident in a mall." say McMullen. "This is really the first chance that we have to get out and do what we would call a full-field exercise and actually have a facility that we can use to exercise our SLOT, our emergency response and all of those assets that would normally come into play in a critical incident such as this."
The exercise is part of the FBI's Complex Mall Attack Initiative -- a push to promote preparedness against terrorism, both foreign and domestic. It's also an opportunity for the FBI to work with state and local agencies. Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis says it's important to familiarize local law enforcement with those agencies they would work with during an emergency.
"They will learn from each other, first of all." Lewis says. "They'll learn how to work together. They'll learn the movements of each other. They'll learn how to act in a way that it would provide a better safe environment for the public."
Other first responders were also present during the exercise. Jackson Fire Chief R-D Simpson says situations like the one simulated often call for medical attention.
"There are all kinds of things that can medically go wrong is something for the fire department." Simpson says. "In the event that it goes terribly wrong, it might be a situation where fire department might need to come in and extinguish maybe a fire that was set. Anything can happen in an event like this. It's better to just have the resources available and never use it, then to need something and then have to call for it and it has to come from somewhere else."
F-B-I field offices around the nation also participating in simulations with their local law enforcement.




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