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Mississippi House Redistricting Map Revealed

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 25 Apr 2012 04:16pm | comments
Rep. Bill Denny reveals the proposed house map.

Members of the Mississippi House of Representatives are now examining their newly redrawn voting districts. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports while the redistricting map adds a majority-black district but the number of Republicans could grow.

House redistricting Chairman Bill Denny of Jackson released the first version of the new map Wednesday, calling it fair and pointing out that it increases the number of majority-black districts.

"We have added an additional district in there which gives it 42. And these districts are actually good majority-minority districts," Denny said.

The map could add to the Republican majority in the House by potentially eliminating four democratic seats.

One of the democrat's whose seat is in jeopardy is Johnny Stringer of Montrose, a former appropriations chairman.

"They couldn't beat me at the ballot box so they are going to write me out," Stringer said.

State lawmakers have to redraw voting districts every ten years to adjust for population shifts.

House democrats are promising to release a counter map or file a lawsuit if this version of the map passes the legislature.


Rep. Bill Denny reveals the proposed house map.



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