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Mississippi House Passes Concussion Bill

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 10 Jan 2014 04:53pm | comments
photo-flikr Vlasta Juricek

Mississippi is on the path to become the last state to pass a law focused on concussions in youth sports. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports the first bill the Mississippi House has passed in the 20-14 legislative session is a brain injury bill.

The bill approved by the house would require any student in grades 7-to-12 to be pulled out of a game or practice if they show concussion like symptoms.

The player could not return for at least a day and not until cleared by a doctor.

The bill's co-author Representative Carolyn Crawford of Pass Christian says the law is needed because brain injuries can have extremely damaging long term effects.

"If it they are thought of having some concer, that it could have some long-term injury to a child. And playing football and even baseball or even have problem in academics and long term issues. Problems," Crawford said.

A similar bill is making its way through the Senate.

The Mississippi High School Athletics Association already has guidelines intended to protect students with possible brain injuries.

However, Lee Jenkins with the Brain Injury Association of Mississippi says putting the standards into law makes them more likely to be followed.

"What we are really trying to do is prevent the second one. It is important to do everything we can to prevent injury in this state. We don't have a lot of treatment facilities or money for treatment for brain injuries in the state. So injury prevention is the logical thing to do," Jenkins said.

Jenkins says she would like to see a more broad bill that includes recreational leagues as well as school sports.

This is the third year that concussion legislation has been introduced.

Mississippi is the only state without a brain injury law.


photo-flikr Vlasta Juricek



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