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Mississippi House Maps Could Be Released Wednesday

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 24 Apr 2012 04:24pm | comments

Wednesday could be the first time for Mississippi lawmakers get a look at their newly redrawn districts. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports the house redistricting chairman could reveal a map during a series of committee meetings.

Drawing new voting lines is one of the last major items for the remaining two weeks of the Mississippi legislature.

House redistricting Chairman Bill Denny of Jackson has called a series of committee meetings for today and could publicly reveal the new districts for all 122 representatives for the first time.

"Quite obviously I am going to have to have something out there for them to look at and talk about and discuss. And discuss some of the experts opinions and things of that nature," Denny said

Lawmakers have to redraw voting districts after every census to adjust for changes in population.

An attempt to draw new districts last year failed after a series of high profile meetings and votes that spanned the legislative session.

With less than two weeks in the 20-12 session, few people outside of the House and Senate redistricting chairmen have seen a completed map.

It is not clear when the senate will release its map.




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