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Mississippi Health Officials Urge Caution as Mississippians Begin Clean Up

By Paul Boger | Published 01 May 2014 07:29pm | comments
The Mississippi Department of Health is urging residents to use caution when cleaning up after Monday's deadly storm to avoid injury. MPB's Paul Boger reports.
Robert and Rachel Sesam are sifting through what's left of their home in Pearl to find whatever they can that belongs to their young son. Their mobile home was picked up and tossed across the street, landing on top of two other trailers. While nobody was home during the storm, Sesam says he's injured himself during the ensuing clean-up.
"There's a lot of stuff, when it first happened I came out here. Sesam says. "I beat my family out here because I wanted to try and see what I could get up off the ground so they wouldn't see it. Places I grabbed, I mean, yeah, I cut myself up, but it's kind of like do you let it sit here and get wasted? Or do you try and find? It's like, what do you do?"
Injuries are common when cleaning-up after a big storm, objects like nails, broken glass, and metal sheeting are everywhere. However, most injuries that occur are often preventable. Doctor Thomas Dobbs with the Mississippi Department of Health believe using common sense techniques can make a huge difference.
"Gear such as gloves, appropriate footwear, glasses, anything you can do to prevent unnecessary injuries is of paramount importance." said Dobbs. "Tetanus can be a risk, an illness that can occur after a puncture wound and can lead to severe paralytic type illness, and a tetanus shot should be sought if one of those types of wounds does occur.
seven communities are still living under a boil water advisory. Dobbs says it is possible water systems were compromised during the storm.
"It can be contaminated with septic products, septic tanks or waste water." said Dobbs. "So infections can be a problem, you know G.I. infections and things like that. But also, the contaminated water can contaminate a wound and cause a wound infection those are the sorts of things that we worry about."
If residents use tap water they are advised to boil it for at least 60 seconds.




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