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Mississippi Flood Rolls Toward Natchez

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 18 May 2011 03:54pm | comments
Flooding swollows tries near Vicksburg.

The Mississippi flood is expected to crest in Vicksburg today and continue to roll down river. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports about how three families in Natchez are handling the flood.

Bourke road is a small one lane dirt road south of Natchez that leads into a low laying valley a couple miles off the Mississippi river The road is lined by small single family homes, but even neighbors are expecting different outcomes from the flood.

Barbara Dunn has lived in her home with her husband for more than 40 years.

Dunn has moved everything out of their house because the crest of the flood could put up to 5 feet of water in her home.

"This is the first time we have ever moved out. Like I said it would come to the yard fence, but they tell us it will get us this time. They have put the thing on it and looked up this way. That is what they told us, it will get this high," Dunn puts to the wall over her head.

Water is now a foot deep in Dunn's home, and will continue to rise.

A couple hundred yards down the road, Becky Skidmore also packed up her home and family and left for higher ground.

Skidmore says the water will come right up to their to their front door.

"I think it is probably going to get underneath the house. They are not sure about it coming into the house but we would rather be safe than sorry because it is going to be higher than it has ever been,"

Skidmore says they don't have flood insurance because the waters were never expected to get this high.

Stephanie Bourke lives within sight of the first two homes, but says the water would have to climb another five feet to get in her home.

Still, she is moving her family out but leaving all their possessions behind.

"I will be able to drive for a little bit after the water crosses the road. But once it gets too dangerous for my kids I won't do it. Because we could boat also, but I am not boating in the morning with three kids," Bourke said.

Bourke says her family knows how to handle a flood, they have lived on the road for over 100 years and it now bares their name.

The flood is predicted to crest in Natchez on Saturday at 62-feet-and-a-half feet...three feet above the previous flood record set in 1937.


Flooding swollows tries near Vicksburg.



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