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Mississippi Federal Legislators Weigh In on Debt Deal

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 01 Aug 2011 11:24am | comments
Congress reached a last minute deal to raise the debt ceiling. -AP Photo

Support from both parties will be needed to rush a last-minute debt deal through the House and Senate, but some Mississippi lawmakers still have reservations. From Washington, Ana Radelat reports on Congress’ efforts to avoid a default that could rock the economy.

Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, a Republican, is glad the final deal would not raise taxes.

“We’ve moved the ball quite a bit. I think we’re going to have the maximum amount of savings that could have been negotiated with no tax increases,” Wicker said.

The agreement would raise the debt ceiling by 2.4 trillion dollars and reduce long term spending in two steps – for a total of some 2.5 trillion in cuts. It will need bipartisan support. But the deal remains a tough sell among some lawmakers – including Democratic Congressman Bennie Thompson, who wanted the debt limit to be lifted without conditions – especially without cuts to programs that help the poor.

“Whatever it comes out should have a shared burden on all Americans and not a disproportionate burden on those who can least afford it,” Thompson said.

Both Senators and House members are learning critical details of the plan today.


Congress reached a last minute deal to raise the debt ceiling. -AP Photo



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