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Mississippi Executes Its Fourth Death Row Inmate Of 2012

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 05 Jun 2012 10:49pm | comments
Regina Jackson.

Mississippi has executed its fourth death row inmate of the year. MPB’s Jeffrey Hess reports the state executed Henry Curtis Jackson who was convicted of the stabbing four of his nephews and nieces to death in 1990.

"So I stand before you today and say, God is love. And I love my brother Curtis because of who he was not because of the man he became that night,"

That’s Regina Jackson following the execution of her brother 47-year old Henry Curtis Jackson Tuesday night.

Jackson was the mother of two of the children stabbed to death and also survived five stabs wounds to her neck.

In the days leading up to the execution, she asked the Governor to stay the execution and give her brother a life without parole sentence.

"I believe in being punished but not the death penalty. God said in his word to forgive each other. And if we don't forgive each other than god cannot forgive us. So let us come together as a nation with love towards sisters and brothers," Jackson said.

Jackson appeared to accept his execution calmly, having confessed to the murders of the children…all under 5 years old…earlier in the day

Strapped to the gurney, Jackson kept his eyes closed in the minutes before his death; his breathing slow and steady.

When asked if he has any final words he only replied ‘no, I do not’….his eyes remained closed

He took three deep shuttering breaths as the lethal injection chemicals entered his body…he was declared dead at 6:13 p.m.

Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps says Jackson was solemn throughout the day, accepting responsibility for the crime.

"Finally I just went on and asked him did drugs have anything to do with his crime. And he said 'I am not going to blame it on drugs'. He said he went there to do one thing. And I did another. And he admitted that he did commit the crime," Epps said.

This is the fourth execution of the year.

The fifth execution is set for next week for death row inmate Jan Michael Brawner.


Regina Jackson.



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