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Mississippi Docs Warn Of Fireworks Injuries

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 02 Jul 2014 04:30pm | comments
Mississippi doctors are warning residents who plan to celebrate fourth of July with fireworks to be careful to avoid serious injury. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that reckless use of fireworks can lead to permanent injuries such as losing parts of a hand or an eye.
fireworks are a popular way of celebrating fourth of July in Mississippi with well stocked fireworks tents popping up all over the state. 
But University of Mississippi Medical Center's Emergency Department director Dr. Alan Jones says a momentary lapse can lead to serious injury to the hands, face or eyes.
"My best advice is number one: Children under the age of five years old should not be allowed to use any type of firework. People should bee a very safe distance. Whoever is lighting the fireworks really needs to be vigilant and know what they are doing," Jones said.
Jones warns that sparklers, one of the most common fireworks, often cost the most injuries because they burn at 3-thousand degrees often leading to burns especially among children. 
While buying fire works in rural Madison County, Jonathan card says he is familiar with the danger of fireworks since a relative lost an eye when he was shot in the face with a roman candle.
"He was in the hospital for a very long time. They couldn't decide whether they were going to leave his eye or try to fix it. And he went through surgery. And then three years after that he stepped on some taped together fireowrks and it blew a hole in his foot," Card said.
Fireworks retailers say they are aware of the danger their product can pose. 
Seller Kim Clark says she talks to the people about safety but says it is up to them once they take the fireworks home.
"Make sure they have safety precautions when they are shooting fireworks off. But other than that be really safe. Don't be holding fireworks when you are shooting them off because you are going to hurt yourself. Other than that what can you say?" Clark said.
During weeks before and after the fourth of July around 240 people are taken to emergency rooms around the country every day with fireworks related injuries.




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