Mississippi Cracks Down on Counterfeit Goods

By Daniel Cherry | Published 08 Apr 2011 11:37am | comments

Mississippi loses millions of dollars each year to illegal sales of counterfeit goods. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports on efforts to end the sale of knock offs in the state.

Counterfeit goods aren't only harmful to Mississippi businesses...sometimes they are extremely dangerous for consumers. Bob Barchiesi of the International Anti Counterfeiting Coalition says they want law enforcement to become aware of the issue.

"You start to become aware of the problem and the more investigators you send out, the more of these flea markets you visit, the more educated law enforcement becomes on the issue then they say 'Gee, I saw this market last year I didn't know there was a problem with any of this stuff.'"

Sometimes counterfeits will contain harmful chemicals and materials. Attorney General Jim Hood says Mississippi is on the cutting edge of fighting illegal sales.

"We're kind of being used as an example state to develop a best practices manual. Basically a how to that we're going to give to other AG's offices in hopes that other states will establish these because it does go across state lines."

Anti Counterfeiting groups say American businesses lose nine billion dollars each year to counterfeit sales. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.


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