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Mississippi Attorney General Race Heats Up

By Daniel Cherry | Published 27 Jul 2011 10:33pm | comments
Democrat Incumbent Attorney General Jim Hood

In what's been a quiet race so far, the campaigns for Attorney General got a little spark at the Neshoba County Fair. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how a challenger is questioning if four more years of Jim Hood is good for Mississippi.

Incumbent Democrat Jim Hood has served two terms as Attorney General. Republican challenger Steve Simpson wants to knock Hood out of that office. Neither has a challenger in the primary so things have been quiet, but on the stage of the Neshoba Fair Steve Simpson came out swinging.

"Jim Hood would have you believe, folks, would have you believe that he's fought corruption. I'm here to tell you today that he's not only refused to fight it. He's openly embraced it."

Simpson is a former attorney, judge, and Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety. He questioned Hood's record...especially a judicial bribery case Hood didn't prosecute.

"The federal government had to come in and prosecute those. I'll prosecute anyone who tries to bribe, corrupt, or influence Mississippi's legal system. It is the place where everybody ought to be able to walk into the courtroom and know they're going to get a fair shake...not worry about who's been paid off."

Attorney General Hood got his chance to fire back, but Hood says he's not going to let the criticism get to him.

"My momma taught me: If you don't have anything good to say about somebody, just don't say anything. So I'll pretty much stick to (that)...."

He says he has a proven record and he wants a chance to continue his work.

"I'm confident in the abilities of our office and capabilities of prosecuting crime, and we're effective, and we work with the legislature. There's still a lot of work that I look forward to doing over the next four years to help Mississippi prosecute criminal cases."

Hood touted Mississippi's improvements in domestic violence prevention and the cyber crime prosecution unit that's one of the best in the country.

Since there are no challengers it's certain this race will continue to heat up after the primaries and into the general election. No Republican has held the office since Reconstruction.







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