Mississippi is among 25 other states asking the Supreme Court to get involved with the battle over the Affordable Health Care Act.

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Mississippi Among 25 States Asking Supreme Court to Hear Health Care Law Arguments

By Daniel Cherry | Published 30 Sep 2011 10:38am | comments

Mississippi has joined 25 other states in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear arguments challenging the constitutionality of the 2010 federal health care reform law. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports Governor Haley Barbour wants the court to hear the case sooner than later.

Mississippi has been part of the lawsuit against the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care act almost from the beginning. Governor Haley Barbour says he wanted to have Mississippi in the case because he sees the law as an overreach of the federal government.

"The Constitution of the United States created a limited federal government, and it does not have the power to order every citizen to buy any product, much less to buy health insurance of a certain kind, approved by the federal government."

The case has been making it's way through lower courts, and now the states are asking the High Court to hear arguments. University of Mississippi Political Science Professor John Winburn says the issue more than likely would have made its way to the Supreme Court in time without Mississippi's participation.

"This might just be sort of icing on the cake in terms of saying we were one of the states that were a part of this, but realistically, I don't know if it's going to change much in the day to day aspects of life in Mississippi whether the state is on the lawsuit or not."

The most recent ruling by a circuit court ruled the individual mandate provision of the health care law is unconstitutional. 




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