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Mississipi Angel Tree Program Seeks Help This Holiday Season

By Daniel Cherry | Published 24 Nov 2011 07:54pm | comments

The Angel Tree Program hasa record need this holiday. MPB's Lawayne Childrey reports how the Salvation Army is working to make the season brighter for thousands of Mississippitiny tots and senior citizens.

This year the Salvation Army in Mississippi has 32 thousand children registered for their angel tree program. Mark Jones Director of Community Relations says that number could easily swell to more than 40 thousand. Jones says this year however, they are also seeing a huge increase in the number of senior and disabled people on fixed incomes.

"There dollars are just not stretching as far. With gas prices high, with commodities and food prices continuing to rise there is a strong demand upon the Salvation Army and other charities for services."

Due to Mississippi's staggering economy and high rate of unemployment Jones says the organization is facing a significant challenge to meet angel tree requests. That's why this year the salvation Army is also looking  provide assistance beyond the applicants immediate needs.

"If they need job retraining we through our case managers look at that. If they need money management classes, if they need jobs skills classes the Salvation Army is working to not only  provide for those people for their immediate needs, but also looking to strengthen them for their long term resilience."

Jones says this Christmas is a very important season for many Mississippian's who are hurting.

"Up in north Mississippi those affected by the tornadoes, in south Mississippi and central Mississippi those affected by the economy as well. And the Salvation Army needs assistance. Connect to need this Christmas and it will not only make the lives and need brighter but it will make your own life brighter also this Christmas season."

Shoppers are asked to please adopt an Angel Tree angel and purchase the item requested. You can also make contributions through  their red Kettle Program. This year smart phone users can also make a donation by swiping the  bar code on the kettle. 




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