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Miss Children Urged to Not Share Too Much on Web

By Paul Boger | Published 24 Jan 2014 08:30am | comments
Mississippi parents and children are being warned about the dangers of sharing too much information on the internet. MPB's Paul Boger reports keeping passwords secret, and learning to avoid scams, can keep kids safe while browsing the web.
Earlier this week, Attorney General Jim Hood issued a warning to parents and teens on the dangers of posting inappropriate material to social media site. According to a statement released by the Attorney General, complaints were made that accounts were being created with the explicit purpose of posting illegal pictures of young women around the state.
That has Mississippi's 3rd District Representative Gregg Harper worried. He says parents need to teach their children not to trust everybody on the web.
"Parents teach their children to be cautious around strangers." said Harper. "Many, many, many people you meet on the Internet are strangers and they don't necessarily mean good for you. You have to be smart and just invite everybody in to chat with you to be a part of that system."
That's why Harper, along with representatives from Google conducted a presentation to students from Madison Middle School in Madison County yesterday. 
Among some of the most important rules never share your passwords, beef up your security settings when using social media and avoid scams by only visiting sites you trust. However, the most important rule kids should remember is that they should think before they share. Jamie Hill is with Google.
"Think before you share." said Hill. "Whatever you share whether it's by mobile phone or it's online it can go a lot further then you intended it to go. They just need to understand that it can go really far and affect something tomorrow when they may be applying for a job or applying of r a college."
Hill also says students should always let a trusted adult or parent know if they see any inappropriate material online. 




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