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Miss. Missionary Baptist Convention Convenes in Jackson

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 22 Jul 2013 09:08pm | comments

One of the country's largest black religious organizations has begun is state convention in Jackson, and religion is not the only topic being discussed at the 124th Mississippi Missionary Baptist Convention.

Isiac Jackson Jr., President of the Missionary Baptist State Convention of Mississippi began welcoming more than 2,000 thousand parishioners and clergy to Jackson on Monday. Although their main objective is to express their beliefs in  Jesus Christ, Jackson says church leaders  are also eager to address a number of social concerns.  

"We talk about same sex marriage, we talk about voters' rights and healthcare, a variety of things that our community have to deal with on a day to day basis," says Jackson.

That also means addressing issues dealing with race and violence says James Harris.  "After the verdict and the situation with Trayvon Martin, and now we have this open gun law, I think we're inviting the Devil to a drunken bash," continues Harris.Harris is the Pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Moss Point.  "Because I see young men now that would be packing, packing even more and these storefront cops that's on these neighborhood watches and all this, something's going to start happening to some of them and then my question is, will the verdict be the same?" asks Harris.     

While the church is engaging it's members in dialog on key issues C. J. Rhodes pastor of  Mt. Helm Baptist Church in Jackson says it is also educating leaders how to effectively seek change.

"Actually go the legislature and say laws around education, laws around healthcare, here's the moral imperative about what that should look like so everything from charity all the way through to trying to change the laws and policies of the state that very often negatively affect the people we serve," says Rhodes.       

Leaders in Mississippi say they will pass resolutions that  address a number of social issues by the close of the convention Friday. 







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