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Men ‘Walk A Mile’ To Raise Awareness of Violence Against Women

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 14 Apr 2011 01:43pm | comments
A long table of large women's shoes at the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event.

Dozens of Mississippi men strap on high heel shoes to raise awareness of violence against women. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports from the 'Walk a mile in her shoes' campaign.

A group of women laugh and cheer as a team of burly police officer teeter a top dangerously tall high heeled shoes outside the Capitol for the walk a mile in her shoes campaign.

Marty Fortenberry says the event brings men into the fight against sexual assault.

"Helps us to kind of see what women go through, not just from a walk. You have to put it in perspective to the point where it is a struggle for men to walk in these shoes, we are thinking about our woman and this kind of increases our awareness about the things they go through," Fortenberry said.

that's exactly the goal of the walk a mile campaign says Coordinator Jamie Harris with the Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

"Men can be on both sides. Men can be victims and men can be perpetrators. Women can be victims and perpetrators. But a lot of times our society views it as a woman's issue and we just want to bring men into the movement against sexual assault," Harris said.

Harris hopes these types of events encourage people to report crime or prevent future crimes.

In 2009, there were more then 900 reported rapes in Mississippi....a number that has remained fairly steady for more than twenty years.


A long table of large women's shoes at the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event.



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