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Memorial Day Celebrations Begin Around State

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 28 May 2013 09:11am | comments

Mississippians across the state are honoring the sacrifice of military veterans.  Some of the very first memorial day events happened in Mississippi.

 Mississippians, including veterans and their families, honoring the soldiers who have died or been killed in combat.

 A a Memorial Day wreath laying in Ridgeland, 88-year old World War two veteran William Correll says he nearly died in a fox hole in Germany and the thoughts of his friends who died are still with him.

 "I am sorry I am so emotional. I hate that I am that way but I can't help it. That is the way God made me. I still dream about it. It was kill or be killed. If I was killed,what I worried about was the grief it would cost my father, mother and brother and my fiancé," Correll said.

 Correll says it is important to take time to remember service-members who did not come home.

 Cynthia Ware, whose husband served in Vietnam and son in Iraq, agrees and sees the impact continuing.


"But I do have friends that have lost people, you know, lost friends. And I am sure that is just devastating. And I think our servicemen coming home now that is the reason for Post Traumatic Stress (Disorder) that so many are dealing with now. It is just so hard to live with," Ware said.

 Memorial day grew out of so-called 'decoration day' where southern women adorned the graves of both Confederate and Union soldiers following the civil war.

 Former Commander of the Mississippi Air National Guard Erik Hearon says one of the first Decoration Days occurred in Columbus Mississippi.

 "They decided to expand it beyond the confederate graves and include the union graves as a great symbol of the reunification of our country. And the spirit of their work has expanded to be what we now have as Memorial day," Hearon said.

 Today makes the 145th official memorial day holiday.






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