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Members of the Sikh Community are calling for Talks on Religious Tolerance

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 07 Aug 2012 04:44pm | comments
Surinder Singh after meeting with Jackson City Council

Members of the Mississippi Sikh community are asking Jackson city council members to begin a series of community talks about religious tolerance. The request comes on the heels of the recent shooting in Wisconsin where 7 people were killed including the alleged gunman.  MPB's Lawayne Childrey has more. 

"We have at this time Mr. Surinder Singh"

After a warm welcome by City Council President Tony Yarber, Jackson businessman Surinder Singh expressed his sentiments regarding Sundays shooting a a Wisconsin temple  that left six members of the Sikh community dead.

"So I come here today to share with you that whatever that gentleman had in his mind and I think it was ignorance. Because if you see somebody and you don’t know who they are the best thing is to ask somebody who they are,"

Outside of the council chamber Singh explained why he believes a series of talks will help the community gain a better understanding of other religious and cultural beliefs

"Ok that is important because everybody should know what other people believe in. Why they are wearing the turban, why they are wearing the beard. Why they are having all these things. Because if we know we will understand what they believe in, what they are doing."

 Singh is a member of the Sikh Temple in Jackson. He estimates that there are several hundred Sikhs  living in the greater Jackson area. Lawayne Childrey MPB News.






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