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Medicare Open Enrollment Begins

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 15 Oct 2013 04:16am | comments

Today marks the start of open enrollment for Mississippi seniors to make changes to their Medicare coverage. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that signing up for Medicare is not affected by the roll out of the health care reform law.

starting today through December seventh, Mississippians who are eligible for Medicare can choose new insurance carriers or alter their prescription drug benefits for the next year.

Ivory Craig with the AARP says Mississippians over 65 can change their Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plan for the next year.

"You would need to look at the coverage, especially what you are getting through Medicare Part D your prescription drug coverage, and decide if it is covering your prescriptions or if you have lapse in coverage that you need to fill," Craig said.

Craig says Medicare recipients should ignore the new individual health insurance exchange, which is part of the health care reform law and only for uninsured people under 65.

The law does make one important change to Medicare, it is closing the so-called doughnut hole in the prescription drug coverage that caused some people to pay full price for their drugs once they hit a certain yearly amount...that will be eliminated by 20-20.




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