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McDaniel Supporters Call For GOP to Delay Election Ceritification

By Paul Boger | Published 29 Jun 2014 03:42pm | comments

Election results from last Tuesday's Republican Senate Runoff are expected to be certified sometime this week, but supporters of state Senator Chris McDaniel are calling on all of Mississippi's 82 county G-O-P executive committees to delay those plans until all of the precinct books can be inspected for potential voter fraud. 

Supporters of state Senator Chris McDaniel spent a majority of last week, tucked away in the basement of the Hinds County Courthouse pouring over voter rolls from Tuesday's Republican Senate Runoff. Through their investigation they say they have found over 12-hundred instances of crossover voting and other irregularities. Bill Billingsley of Madison has been overseeing the Hinds County inspections. He believes there are potential voting inconsistencies all over the state.
"One thing we'd like to ask is that the Republican County Chairman and the Republican County Executive Committees throughout the state to delay their certification for as long as they can legally delay it." says Billingsley. "We have seen the volume of potential ineligible voters in Hinds County, and so we really need to look at the other counties, especially the larger populated counties to see if we have similar issues there."
While the Tea Party's findings are in no way official, members of Senator Thad Cochran's reelection campaign were quick to refute the claims. Austin Barbour, a top Cochran advisor, says a large number of those irregularities were simple clerical errors.
"I have no problem with the process that they're going through, but trying to stir-up all of this activity; that there is over a thousand plus votes in Hinds County, and we need to go through to every county is not fair to the process and quite frankly I don't think it's very fair to their candidate." Barobur says.
It remains unclear whether any of the state's 82 Republican committees will actually delay the certifications, but Hinds County G-O-P Chairman Pete Perry says it time the party moves on.
"It would happen a lot quicker if everybody would say, 'When you lose a campaign, it doesn't mean that it's actionable. And when you lose a campaign it's not fun and it's uncomfortable." says Perry. "But there is a point and time that you say 'Okay, I lost,' and you get it over with. The sooner that happens the sooner we can go back to healing."
Either way, Tea Party officials say they will continue working through every voter roll the state to ensure the integrity of the GOP runoff.




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