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McDaniel Distances Himself From Arrested Blogger

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 19 May 2014 05:06pm | comments
Mississippi Senate candidate candidate Chris McDaniel is denying any connection to a political blogger accused of sneaking into the nursing home of Senator Thad Chochran's wife. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reporters state senator Chris McDaniel says he does not know the blogger.
"What good is senority if you are not going to stand your ground?"
With just two weeks until the primary election in Mississippi's contentious Senate race, McDaniel is back on the campaign trail rallying a crowd of supporters.
But a blogger who allegedly snuck into the nursing home of Senator Thad Cochran's bedridden wife  is threatening to overshadow his campaign.
McDaniel has distanced himself from Clayton Kelly, a conservative political blogger accused of posting pictures of Rose Cochran in an online video.
"What he did is wrong. It cannot be tolerated in a society like ours. And we do not tolerate it. If fact we condemned it immediately. It is terrible. It should have never happened. And we are praying for Senator Cochran and his family," McDaniel said.
Family members say Cochran's wife Rose has been hospitalized for 13 years with debilitating dementia
Kelly was arrested Friday and is charged with exploiting a vulnerable adult and being held on 100-thousand dollars bond.
The revelation about the photo, and the confusing time line about when each side knew about it, are upsetting the final days of the primary. 
But McDaniel supporter Seth Hersey says he doesn't think it will play a role.
"Someone who does something like that I wouldn't consider a McDaniel supporter. Because supporters support their candidate. They wouldn't go out and do something rogue like that," Hersey said.
But long time political observer Marty Wisemann says the issue does severe damage McDaniel's challenge to unseat the six-term incumbent.
"He is having to spend a whole lot of time denying that he had anything to do with that. Which does a couple of things. It keeps it as an issue right in front of the public. Then you have to start wondering was that his intent? Was he or was he not involved? And those may be questions that are not answered," Wisemann said.
The McDaniel campaign says they believe they are actually ahead, pointing to two recent recent polls run by conservative organizations that appear to show McDaniel with a slight lead.
The primary is June third.




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