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McDaniel Campaign Claims “Race Baiting” Caused Runoff Loss

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 17 Jul 2014 04:45pm | comments
The campaign for state senator Chris McDaniel is calling on the Republican National Committee to censure a key ally of incumbent senator Thad Cochran. They say efforts to reach out to black voters in the June 24th run off were quote 'race baiting'. However, the use of the term does not line up with its historic definition....
McDaniel Lawyer Mitch Tyner is crying foul over out reach to black Mississippians in the Republican Senate run off. 
During a press conference this week, Tyner criticized the Cochran campaign for its effort to bring in African-American and Democratic voters.
"The Cochran campaign through their race baiting, and let me tell you this is United States senators this is coming from the top down, took Mississippi back 50 years in race relations," Tyner said.  
The McDaniel campaign says enticing in black voters undermines the R-N-C's commitment that Republican primaries be decided by Republicans, and is asking the group to censure Cochran ally Henry Barbour, who led the outreach effort.
Barbour says he doesn't regret that his Political Action Committee Mississippi Conservatives sought all possible voters.
"Why wouldn't you ask those people for thier vote. This is a good way to grow the party. And in my opinion the McDaniel campaign and the professional Tea Party are doing the exact opposite way to grow the party," Barbour said.
The use of the term 'race baiting' is interesting in this case says Jackson State university political science professor D'Andra Orey, because he says it is being used by one faction of the Republican party against another.
Orey says historically the term has been used to describe tactics by white politicians and dates back to the Jim Crow era.
"The language they chose to use simply doesn't fit here. Race baiting goes back to Bilbo and Vardeman to see who can out N-word each other. And in this particular case you are talking about just the opposite," Orey said.
Mississippi does not have a primary registration system, meaning anyone can vote in either primary but recent elections do show a high degree of racial separation between the parties. 
The Republican National Committee did not respond to requests for comment on the censure demands.




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