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Madison County Schools Conduct an Active Shooter Exercise

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 18 Feb 2013 10:37pm | comments
An active shooter exercise took place at Germantown High School in Madison County. It happened after school hours February 18, 2013

Using rubber bullets and fictions scenarios School officials in Madison County are developing their skills during an active shooter training. As MPB's Lawayne Childrey reports the lessons learned could be valuable should an actual threat occur.

At around 4:20 p.m. Monday Madison County officials began receiving notices that two active shooters had infiltrated Germantown High School. After the staged event had come to an end,  Madison County Emergency Management Director, Butch Hammack spoke with reporters outside the school as intense winds set in. Hammack said their goal was to make sure the shooting scenario was as real as possible.

"Took out students, injured students. Shot several students in the hallways in the school. And when law enforcement made their entry into the building the first officer that arrived on the scene was shot by the gunman taken out. A second officer was shot but was able to return fire striking the gunman in the foyer of the school. As they made entry into the school, got down the hallway into one of the classrooms. They confronted the other shooter and the confrontation cost him his life."

The fictitious exercise provides an opportunity for law enforcement and first responders from cities in Madison and Hinds Counties to fine tune their levels of cooperation if a similar situation should ever occur. Randy Tucker is the Sheriff of Madison County. 

"Obviously there's the old saying there's safety in numbers.  And when something like this happens you want all the help you can get. There's no ego there's no ada boy you know we need to diffuse the situation and look for a peaceful outcome."

Madison County School Superintendent Ronnie McGehee says exercises like these help to prepare teachers and other school officials for the worst possible situations.

"We need to make sure they remain the adult in the room and stay in control as much as possible with our kids. Stories after stories about these kinds of situations you hear hero stories from teachers who not only protect kids and protect other faculty members but also talk the shooter out of doing something."

This is the 16th year the multiple agencies have held active shooter training exercises. Officials say they have fine tuned their strategies by using lessons learned from prior incidents including school shootings at Columbine,  Sandy Hook and the movie theater shooting in Aurora Colorado. Lawayne Childrey. MPB News.


An active shooter exercise took place at Germantown High School in Madison County. It happened after school hours February 18, 2013



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