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Lumumba Calls for Unity in Capital City

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 01 Jul 2013 04:38pm | comments
Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Hess/MPB News

All over Mississippi, mayors are settling in to their new term in office. Mississippi's capital is also under new leadership and Mayor Chokwe Lumumba used his inauguration to call for unity in Jackson.

 The Mississippi Mass Choir was part of a celebration that brought more than 2,000 people to the Jackson convention center for Chokwe Lumumba's swearing in.

 In his inaugural address, Lumumba said Jackson needs to be a united  city where people of all backgrounds can thrive and prosper.

 "We have to understand that the aim is the same and the aim is prosperity and security for everyone of us. That's what the aim is. That is our joint aim as a city. That is where we are going. That is were we are going to go as a city and that is where we are going to take Mississippi. We are going to take Mississippi from worst to first. That is what we are going to do," Lumumba said.

 Lumumba also spoke loudly in defense of the Capital calling on developers that work in the Jackson to hire people who live in the city.

 While saying he wants Jackson to become a destination city that people want to move to, Lumumba warned about the potential downsides of gentrification.

 "But this administration rejects, get it clear now, quote it, rejects gentrification. Because gentrification is nothing but a war on the people who live in the city already," Lumumba said.

 Lumumba unseated a fellow democrat in a primary and then won a run-off election that split the city down a stark racial divide.

 After the speech, Jackson resident Will McDowell says Lumumba went a long way toward putting his divisive image behind him.

 "He talked about unifiying the city of Jackson which is a great idea. We don't need people to leave the ship. The ship is flowing. We need people to get back on board and lets keep moving," McDowell said.

 Lumumba's is the city's third black mayor.



Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Hess/MPB News



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